IDGAF Mentors


This is a list of our initiated mentors with whom your could be paired with during your dedicant process. All of our mentors are initiated into the tradition, and come from different backgrounds and perspectives. We try and select the person who would be of most benefit to you during your process.

Amy (initiated 2014) - An eclectic practitioner influenced by Eastern and Shamanic traditions with roots in modern-day Wicca, I've come to IDGAF deepen my personal practice and broaden my spirituality. I have a great respect and fascination for the natural world around me, and am constantly reminded that there is more to this life than meets the eye. I've been practicing off and on since 2001, and continue to be intrigued by all types of religious practices. Most recently I've been digging for my personal roots, starting with Irish Witchcraft. I'm not exactly sure where this will take me, but I'm excited at the new doors this may open and the things I might encounter along the way.

Blog: The Wind Through the Trees


Drew (initiated 2015) - I've been practicing what I've now taken to calling EPP (Eclectic Practical Paganism) more or less since late 2005. I'm a soft polytheist (in that I believe all the different "gods" and "goddesses" are masks/ forms of the same thing). I believe in the inherent divinity that exists in nature. My practice is quite varied and I am extremely practical. I was initially very Wiccan based, though my beliefs have grown to something like a mishmash of Druidic, Wiccan, Hedge Witchery, Heathenry, and Pictish craft.

Blog: Into the Unknown Wood


RenĂ©e (initiated 2014) - I am an eclectic traditional folk witch. I have been practicing some form of witchcraft since 2000. I draw a lot of my beliefs from traditional folklore and mythology, with a little bit of animism thrown in. I work with gods and spirits equally, on equal footing. I have a deep respect and reverence for the earth, and an almost Druidic devotion to trees. Most of my working gods and spirits are of Northern European origin (UK, Ireland, Scandinavia), but I will (and have!) worked with other pantheons and cultures.

Blog: The Corvid Key


Gemma (initiated 2014) - I have been practicing some form of pagan witchcraft for 17 years now. I don't call myself Wiccan, but I have to admit that my basic beliefs and practices are very "Wiccanesque" (I word I recently picked up, meaning "heavily influenced by Wicca"). They are also quite Shamanic, fluid and perfectly suited to me as an individual. I am a child of mother earth and very much a hearth witch, and I find that my magic works best when I weave my practice into every facet of my life as much as I can. I am also somewhat of a green witch, and love herb gardening. I am also a Reiki healing practitioner (which is really just an extension of the healing work I was already doing before). Since joining IDGAF I have found a structure and discipline that had been lacking from my path previously, and I intend to continue to learn and grow on this path.

Blog: By Feather, Branch and Stone


Kurt (initiated 2015) - I have always been a deeply spiritual person but it often took a more scholarly bent. It was truly only recently that I began a time of self care and reflection that lead me to IDGAF. I have a true thirst for knowledge, almost a craving for new information. I am more myself now that I have been in years and with that comes a font of positivity and vibrant, exuberant energy. My practice is eclectic. I have been called to work, thus far, with Kemetic( Egyptian) gods and Norse gods. I include some shamanic and meditative workings and am stilll finding what works for me, staying open to all the possiblities.

Blog: Garm's Tears

The IDGAF (I Don’t Give a Fuck) tradition is an eclectic, accessible, initiatory tradition of modern witchcraft. The name IDGAF (pronounced Id-gaf) is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the inaccessibility and rigid structure of many modern witchcraft paths.

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