IDGAF Tradition Initiation Requirements

So you want to be initiated?

You first step is to contact one of the founders to speak further about your experience, your goals, and what is expected of you to see if you would be a good fit. It seems like a simple process, but it is a lot of work and we want to make sure our members are willing to put that work in.

After sussing out your goals, you will be paired with a mentor. That mentor will be your go-to for the remainder of the process - they will read your work, answer your questions, and help keep you motivated. You are expected to maintain regular contact with your mentor, so you have to be prepared to check in at least once per week.

During a 6-month intensive study period initiates are required to:

- Read a minimum of 5 books from the recommended reading list, with a maximum of 2 from the same author. You are not required to purchase these books (we know as well as anyone that money can be tight), but you are welcome to borrow them from your local library or from a friend. E-books and audio books are also perfectly acceptable.

- Keep a journal (or something similar) for your thoughts and reactions to and about the things you read. You don't have to write a book report on every book, but knowing what you got out of it or what didn't work for you will be helpful in the development of your spiritual practice. This can be a blog, vlog, or paperbound journal.

- Keep a journal (or something similar) to document your initiation process. It can be the same journal as the one you keep for your reading, or you can keep a separate one entirely, but if they're in the same spot, you should somehow organize it. You also don't necessarily have to write in it every day, but a few times a week is a good starting off point. Both this, and the previous requirement, do not need to be a public affair - but you do need to communicate with your mentor.

- Set up and maintain a sacred space. This could be an elaborate room, or just a shoebox altar, but whatever form it takes, you need to have a sacred space. You must maintain this space, i.e.. keep it clean and current.

- You must observe a minimum of one ritual a month on the full moon, new moon, or on a holiday. It doesn't have to be overly elaborate, but it needs to have a good deal of thought and intention poured into it. At least 2 of these need to be done outdoors.

 - You must maintain, at minimum, a weekly practice of some kind. This could be as simple as lighting some incense and/or a candle and sitting quietly at your altar for 5 minutes while you do some reflecting, or it can be an elaborate hour long meditation, but you have to do something!

- You must find an outdoor space to connect with and maintain. It could be your back yard or a park you frequent, but you should try to find a spot outside where you feel comfortable and can connect with. Over these 6 months familiarize yourself with this space, and maintain it - i.e., pick up garbage etc.

- Stay in contact with your mentor. They will need to assess your progress, so you will need to communicate how you are doing. The more detail, the better. We prefer if it is weekly contact, but bi-weekly is suitable.

- You will need to create something representative of your journey. It could be a painting, a sculpture, a sacred tool, your own spellbook, a poem - something with thought and reverence. This is something that will have to be cleared with your mentor, as you will have to explain it's significance. It can be something you gradually work on (for example, a painting that you add to when you have a ritual or finish a book), or something you create at the very end (for example, a wand or staff that you have gathered the pieces for over the 6 months, or a bread recipe handed down from your great grandmother that you have added herbs to represent your journey). This is a very broad requirement, but it is something that will require deep thought.

The IDGAF (I Don’t Give a Fuck) tradition is an eclectic, accessible, initiatory tradition of modern witchcraft. The name IDGAF (pronounced Id-gaf) is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the inaccessibility and rigid structure of many modern witchcraft paths.

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