Tenets of the IDGAF Tradition

- We are a free and accessible online-based initiatory tradition that is knowledge driven.

-We strive for flexibility - we don’t care what your personal path is or how you practice, provided you follow our requirements. We offer a number of options within our requirements to ensure you can meet your goals.

- We are a learning and discussion-based tradition. We like our members to draw from actual sources in their learning, but realize that personal gnosis has it’s place in one’s genuine experience.

- We expect our members and initiates to act like adults and resolve any personal conflicts appropriately. We have a zero tolerance policy against trolling and harassment of any kind - on this site, via email, or Facebook. Violators of this policy will be stripped of their status and banned from the tradition.

- We strive for personal empowerment. We want our initiates to let go of preconceived notions and how you are perceived. We ask that you try and step outside your comfort zone in order to grow.

- We are non-hierarchical. There are no high priests or priestesses here. We are all either initiates or dedicants, including the founders.

- We require every dedicant to complete a 6 month initiation period. After you have been initiated, you are required to maintain your status as initiate with continued learning.

- Above all, we strive to foster an inclusive learning environment, regardless of previous titles, learnings, or paths.

The IDGAF (I Don’t Give a Fuck) tradition was an eclectic, accessible, initiatory tradition of modern witchcraft. The name IDGAF (pronounced Id-gaf) is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the inaccessibility and rigid structure of many modern witchcraft paths.